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Animal Totem Messages

“A long time ago, humans were created to be caretakers of the garden—Mother Earth. They held all things of creation sacred. The people respected Nature and understood they were only a small part of the whole circle of life. They accepted the divine idea that all things were equal and no animal, including man, held dominion over other parts of creation.” -The Mantaka American Indian Council.

There is a belief that each and every animal has its own “medicine” or unique teaching. When you know that all creatures have (spiritual) energy around and through them, each animal shows up in your life with its specific traits for symbolic teachings and your inner growth.

There is a reason why we are all put together on this beautiful planet, and it is to learn from one another.

Often called power, or animal totems, certain qualities and behaviors that we should emulate somewhere in our daily lives, or perhaps be a symbolic expression of something that we should stop doing. A client asked about a Cardinal that would land on her office windowsill every day and continuously bang its head against the glass. I encouraged her to check her thoughts the next time he visited and if in that particular moment she was being hard on herself. Her reaction spoke volumes and the bird never showed up again. Message received, there was no need for its return.

When you come across an animal not normally seen around you take notice, especially if it is going out of its way to greet you. Then simply observe the animal and sit with it—listen and watch. Try connecting to it heart-to-heart. This is the best way to receive the message from this animal. The animal is choosing you for a reason.

How is the animal moving in relation to you? Right, left, away, or towards you?How is it crossing your path? Emerging or leaving your life?Notice where the animal is looking, walking, flying, or heading.Notice its behavior. Is it bold? Fearful? Happy?

The more you honor animals and the more significance you give them within your life, the more powerful they become. Then you will draw them closer into your life and have an incredible resource for your inner growth.

“Everything on earth is alive;

Everything on earth has purpose;

Everything on earth is connected;

Everything on earth is to be embraced.”

           –The Mantaka American Indian Council

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