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A Kitty Love Story

Deep down, I always knew Sundance and MaiTai would pass close in timing to each other. Maybe that’s because my first three cats all passed the same year that I awakened to my path back in 2000… as if it was a divinely orchestrated plan for them to get me to that point, and no more.

This last year I’ve been sensing (and fearing) that they might choose to leave before I began traveling more with the book tour. I am feeling guided to step up and serve at greater levels and my sense is that it was their purpose to get me prepared for this next, more expanded period of my life.

Last week, three months after MaiTai transitioned, Sundance reunited with her soulmate.

MaiTai Guy was one+ year old when I brought three-month-old Sundance home. She instantly recognized his soul and was so excited to see MaiTai. He wasn’t so sure about this talkative, self-assured busy young thing. That lasted about a day before they were enjoying each other’s company.

It was a love story of opposites attract.

MaiTai was the grounded old soul… stoic, loving, wise, intuitive, sensitive, easy going, observer, healer. He loved LOVE… the giving and receiving of it, and he took full advantage of every opportunity to feel and express joy.

Sundance breathed new life into the saying ‘My body. My choice.’ She was always true to herself, quite the talker, very transparent with her needs, could care less about food, or material things. She wanted one thing: to be with me and MaiTai.

When Sundance would meow too much, MaiTai would calmly walk over to her and literally put his right paw on top of her body until she settled down. And she always did.

They adored each other. Slept together. Groomed each other. They brought out the best in the other. I never worried about them because I knew they had each other’s backs. It was an honor to have witnessed the level of trust and unconditional love between them.

My heart is heavy with grief as I am finding my way without them physically beside me to comfort my inner child and mirror my best self. However, I know they would not have left without my having received and integrated the gifts from our experiences together. I feel certain it was part of their souls’ plan to help me write the book that was newly released.

It was an honor to have shared my life and home with this dynamic duo. As I mourn my life the way it was while we were physically together, I find peace in knowing they are now part of my animal council on the other side and will be with me as I share through my work what they have so eloquently taught.

Their love will forever live in my heart.

In loving memory of my greatest earth school teachers and beloved companions

MaiTai Guy 2000-2018

Sundance 2001-2018

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