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Leaning into Growth

Love it or hate it, your soul is happiest when you are growing, learning, changing, and seeing the higher perspective in each experience

The reality is that people who are growing and transforming are happier than those who resist change. In the last month, I’ve been spending a lot of time with others. I was in a writing cave for several months and missed socializing, so I’ve been making up for lost time! I’ve been observing myself (always) and other’s habits, and noticing commonalities for clear signs of times when we might benefit by embracing a new concept or way of thinking for our highest good.

When we aren’t leaning into growth, negative habits like jealousy, worrying, feeling victimized, gossiping, anger, illness, feeling stuck and disconnected, just to name a few, can quickly become mainstays in our lives, thoughts and conversations.

It is fascinating how powerful resistance (aka fear of change) can be to try something new that has potential to bring more joy and wellness into your life. If you’re in the thick of one of those stuck periods, and we all have those times, try reading a new wellness book, or listen to a motivational podcast to begin opening up new veins of possibilities to help you to get out of your own way. There are endless ways to promote an inner change, but the important thing is reaching out to try creating or learning something new.

When I am not learning or trying new things, I feel stagnant and bored, but sometimes it takes me a minute to realize that is the missing link. Being open to a new level of growth and change is key to happiness and feeling good. When we lean into growth, we are more likely to avoid those cosmic two-by-four experiences that swoop in to wake us up and steer us to a new path.

Every time you are unconditionally accepting, grateful and loving to yourself and others, you have just made the planet a better place to be for all beings.  This is inner growth at its best, and a great place to begin a new chapter of change in your life. Be willing to become who you were meant to be. Your future self is already thanking you!

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