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Thu, Mar 19


Online Class

Healing the Emotional Wounds of Animals (3-Part Webinar) $149

This fascinating groundbreaking three-part learning series facilitated by Tammy Billups, animal-human holistic healer and pioneer on discovering the five emotional wounds of animals, will help you to identify your animals’ unhealed emotional wounds and provide guidance to help them heal.

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Healing the Emotional Wounds of Animals (3-Part Webinar) $149
Healing the Emotional Wounds of Animals (3-Part Webinar) $149

Time & Location

Mar 19, 2020, 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Online Class

About the event

“Thank you Tammy for sharing your gifts of insight, compassion, healing and love for animals with us. I have learned so much more about the connection we share with our animals. By applying the tools I’ve learned in this class, I’ve already seen positive shifts in my animals behaviors and will continue the healing journey with them.” -Maria Harrison, LMT, Energy Worker

(Read more past participants experiences at:

This fascinating three-part learning series facilitated by Tammy Billups, animal-human holistic healer and pioneer on the emotional wounds of animals, will help you to identify your animals’ unhealed emotional wounds and provide guidance to help them heal.

One of the most amazing discoveries Tammy made when she first began working with animals, was identifying that they hold the same core emotional wounds as people do, and have similar inner cloaks of protection that are preventing their healing process.

Depending on an animal’s past experiences and the physical and emotional wounds birthed from them, it may have an unhealed emotional wound that needs to be released. Until then, it will show up as physical issues or negative behaviors like separation anxiety, phobias, aggression, fear, physical issues, diseases, over-licking/chewing/eating, to name a few.

This groundbreaking learning series will provide proprietary information based on Tammy’s findings that can significantly help your client’s animals and/or personal animals to heal and release the emotions birthed from the unhealed wound. Tammy will provide details of specific behaviors and ailments to identify which wound(s) your animal has, and guidance to help them heal.

When your animal shifts their distorted fear-based beliefs birthed from their original emotional wounds, it can be life changing and often offers immediate results.

 $149 for the three-part class  (Ask Tammy about discounts for active animal rescue volunteers)

Class dates:

Part One ~Thursday, March 19th, 7:30-9:30pm Eastern 

Part Two~Thursday, March 26th 7:00-9:30 pm Eastern 

Part Three~Thursday, April 2nd  7:00-9:30pm Eastern 

Application to secure your attendance. 

3.19 ~Part 1 The Sensitive Ones, Healing Invasiveness 

The Sensitive Ones are uncomfortable in social situations, appearing shy, they are passive people-pleasers that are very intuitive. They absorb their persons energy and issues and frequently have bladder/kidney, inappropriate elimination issues, dental or gum issues and possible over-eaters.

3.26 ~Part 2 The Scared Ones, Healing Terror  

The Scared Ones have a heightened state of fear and/or exhibit aggression due to past trauma. They have exaggerated fear reactions, and are often tremblers that are very scared.

The Needy Ones, Healing Abandonment 

The Needy Ones are often insatiable with attention, food, play, love, and often exhibit separation anxiety. They are jealous and always proactively trying to get their needs met. These animals can have weight issues, GI track ailments, and jaw/oral issues.

4/2 ~Part 3 The Protectors, Healing Betrayal 

The Protectors are prone to being proactive in protecting the home and/or their humans. They are overactive, can be aggressive towards beings that remind them of past abusive incident and have difficulty trusting. Food aggression usually falls into under this emotional wound.

The Perfect Ones, Healing Denial of Self

The Perfect Ones almost always act appropriately, yet are somewhat stubborn, detached and robotic, and will take on the suffering and energy of another soul as part of their life of service.

This webinar (Zoom) learning series is based on the proprietary findings documented in the book, Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions.

Each registrant’s application will be reviewed. Limited number of participants allowed.

Application/Intake Form. 

Each class will be recorded and provided to those that miss one.

If you don’t hear back from Tammy within 48 hours of your application submittal, email:


What previous attendees are saying....

“I highly recommend this class to anyone who works with animals and is ready to look at the emotional reasons why an animal may have certain behaviors.  As an animal and human energy practitioner, this program provides additional skills to add to my toolbox. This is groundbreaking work that I highly recommend to people involved in caring for or healing animals.  A beneficial side effect of this work for the practitioner will be the internal work the practitioner will go through with this process that will help them in their own personal healing journey.” Melinda Koscianski Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner Healing Touch Certified Practitioner


"Most pet owner's don't think of their pet being an integral part of their healing process or that humans are part of pets healing process. Tammy's class opens this powerful and insightful world in a tangible and meaningful way. You won't look at your pets or anyone else's the same again! Together we can heal and make the world a better place, Tammy helps us realize this." 

- Barb Horn, Co-Author Divine Dog and Cosmic Cat Wisdom Oracle Cards -

 "I’ve been in animal rescue for over 30 years and in recent years, began to feel as though I was missing something – a way to really heal the animals who come to us for help. It is clear how we need to heal their physical wounds, but the emotional wounds are often left unaddressed. Tammy’s Emotional Wounds of Animals class opened up for me a greater understanding of how to heal myself so I can more fully assist the animals. I’m looking forward to her next book and related classes!!"

- Mary K. Birkholz, Founder and Director of Caring For Creatures 


"The deepening of respect, love, and compassion for not only the animals I’ve been blessed to share my life with, but to also feel this within myself has been so remarkable to experience during this class. The animals truly wish for us to heal and when we really understand this, we all live in more harmony and peace, and Tammy’s gift in guiding other’s to do just this is extraordinarily beautiful."

- Barbara Techel, Oracle Reader, Intuitive Guide, and Author 

“Tammy’s wisdom and insight on the bond between pet and owner’s shared wounds and how to navigate the journey to healing is remarkable.  Throughout the class, I experienced so many eye opening moments that have shifted my understanding of myself, leading to much self-reflection and opening paths to my personal healing.  This insight has helped me to also understand my pet better and be at a place of accepting where each of us are on our journeys, looking at behaviors from a different perspective, and in a position to reflect more fully during pet parenting in moving forward to help my pet heal. I highly recommend this class for anyone who is looking for a way to learn more about healing themselves and their pets.”– Wendy M.

“This webinar will give you the awareness, understanding and guidance to heal your animals AND in the process, yourself.” K. Wickes

“You will get more than you bargained for! This heart-to-heart soul teaching will get you on more levels than just intellectually” Nikki



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