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Animal Soul Contracts

“Get ready for a paradigm shift! This book will change the way you see yourself and your companion animals. It will help you redefine who you are and why you’re here and how the special animals in your life are helping you learn and grow and become a better person – and how you are helping them in return! This book is equal parts inspiring, informative and encouraging – I highly recommend this book for all animal lovers!” 

-Dr. Cara Gubbins-

author of Divine Beings – The Spiritual Lives and Lessons of Animals

"Each one of us, humans and animals, come into each others lives for a reason. Thanks to this book, I can start working with my animals to align our soul contracts for mutual evolution on our journeys. A must-read for any animal lover!"

-Whole Life Times Magazine-

"While I was engrossed in Animal Soul Contracts by healer and teacher Tammy Billups, my rescued cat, Tamsin, slept on the sofa beside me. She didn’t need to have me explain this gentle and profound book to her since she already knew Billups’ philosophy about why people and their companion animals come together.

Tamsin had claimed me as her own a few weeks earlier when I visited a local shelter. Coming into my life a few months following my husband’s sudden death (prior to what would be an ongoing COVID-19 lockdown), Tamsin was living proof of everything the author describes.

Well-known for her spiritual approach to the connection between humans and our fellow creatures, Billups goes one step further than telepathic communication. Delving into life experiences and needs of individuals and their animals, the author proposes that each is an equal partner in an evolutionary contract.

Formed before our meeting, this contract has as its basis the reasons our animals have chosen to enter our lives. Trauma, behavior patterns that stunt development and other emotions and actions that keep us stuck are brought into the light through a practice the author calls “tandem healing.”

What emerges is an enlightenment that benefits us, our animals and the planet we share.

Drawing upon personal experiences and those of clients, Billups has written a book that is groundbreaking in its wisdom and simplicity. Like-minded souls will find validation, and those who start reading with uncertainty might just find themselves believers by the last page."

-Best Friends Magazine-

“Animal Soul Contracts is an enlightening book that should be read by all those seeking the higher soul purpose of why you and your pets have come together. Over the years of helping pets and their families during times of transition, I have observed energetic connections of love that Tammy explains in fascinating detail which will undoubtedly provide deep peace and healing to all animal lovers.” 

-Lauren Cassady-

DVM, Heron’s Crossing 

“In Tammy Billups second book, Animal Soul Contracts, she raises the ante considerably. She suggests that the animals that come into our lives do so because our meetings were pre-arranged; our souls and the souls of our animal companions made these plans, before birth, for the purpose of evolving. She walks us through seven types of soul contracts and various ways that animals and humans interact at a soul level. Moreover, Billups pulls back the veil on her work, what she senses, sees and hears while conducting healing sessions; it is difficult not to feel like a Muggle when stepping into her fascinating world. Ultimately, Animal Soul Contracts is all about love and devotion, and Billups’ stories of Tandem Healings, a ground-breaking modality she has developed to accelerate the healing of humans and their animal companions, effectively pull at your heart strings and provide convincing testimony that all our interactions with animals, and by logic, each other, is divinely-orchestrated for the betterment of all.”  

-Paul Chen-

Publisher, Natural Awakenings

“Author and healer Tammy Billups has done it again! As one with a therapeutic background and on my own healing journey, I so appreciate her book Animal Soul Contracts with its signature wisdom, vulnerability and strength of one who knows yet is always broadening her own and the readers horizons with her deep insights about our souls and those of our animal companions. The personal stories, the teachings and the big dose of encouragement and love for animals and humans on shared journeys provides more than just a guide to more purposeful and conscious living. It’s an inspirational ode to what she assures us we came here for—to love and be loved, to become Love.” 

-Randy Crutcher-

EdD, co-author of the Divine Dog and Cosmic Cat Wisdom Decks, and, The Passion Principle

“Animal Soul Contracts is a powerful teaching about the ancient soul-purpose between animals and humans that you won’t find anywhere else. You won’t be drawn to it unless you are an animal lover on a spiritual path. It’s as unique as your relationship with your beloved animal, and it will transform the way you walk your path with them. I applaud Tammy for creating yet another inspirational guide that honors our companion animals as the great teachers and healers they have always been.” 

-Anyaa T McAndrew-

MA, LPC, NCC, Psychotherapist, Priestess, Shamanic Astrologer

“Profound and enlightening! Animal Soul Contracts is a true gift to all of us with beloved animals in our past, present, or future. Tammy takes our animal relationships to a whole new level: soul contracts, past lives, karma, and their easy connection to the Divine. She enriches our lives and helps us heal, replacing fear, anxiety, grief and guilt with love, peace, and meaning.” 

-Paula Joyce-

PhD, Radio Host, Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit, Author, and Personal, Business and Spiritual Transformation Coach

“Tammy Billups weaves a compelling exploration for us in her newest book, Animal Soul Contracts. Billups makes the case that we don’t just pick out a pet, but instead orchestrate and design the connections with them for soul-to-soul healing for our mutual evolution into a higher sphere of love, compassion and awareness. Written with grace and candor, Animal Soul Contracts will touch your heart and gently guide you to look deeper into your companion, not just as a pet, but as a teacher who has come to welcome you home to your true self.” 

-Don Reed Simmons-

Visionary Business Consultant, Shamanic Teacher/Practitioner

“Cutting edge evidence that humans and animals have universal wounds and we are not meant to heal and grow alone by design. Animal Soul Contracts will forever alter your relationship with past, current and future pets, perhaps beyond your imagination. Billups skillfully and gracefully imparts that when we actively engage and experience tandem healing with our pets it is an act of self-love that creates healing for all sentient beings. Just what the world needs!” 

-Barb Horn-

co-author of Divine Dog Wisdom Cards and Cosmic Cat Wisdom Cards

“With every turn of the page of Animal Soul Contracts my heart expanded and my consciousness evolved as I found myself moving deeper into gratitude and respect for the vital role our animals friends serve in our lives. Tammy’s new book is truly a stunning testament to the profound healing that can occur through the wisdom of animals. Her depth of insight lovingly guides us to open our hearts, witness our animal friends as reflections of what needs to be healed, and embrace the teachings that will not only enhance the lives of our animal friends but ours as well. What a gift to our planet!”

-Barbara Techel-

oracle reader, intuitive guide, and author of I’m Fine Just the Way I Am 

“In Animal Soul Contracts, Tammy Billups has masterfully taken the human and animal companion relationship to the most exquisite level possible: as healers for each other. While reading this book, my almost 17 year-old Shih-poo, Max, made his transition. Thanks to Tammy’s skillful weaving of practical information and actual stories, I felt her loving presence guiding me throughout Max’s transition and into the weeks that followed. Because of Animal Soul Contracts, Max’s transition shifted from what would have been, for me, a tragic loss, into a blessing that allowed me to receive the deeper spiritual meaning of why we had chosen each other as companions for almost 17 years. Max and I will remain eternally grateful to Tammy!” 

-Laina Orlando-

 Awareness Coach, Author, Director of The Awareness Academy

“Every animal we encounter can bring us further on our spiritual path and heal or enrich our lives. Tammy Billups eloquently offers her readers the map in Animal Soul Contracts to understand the myriads of ways this may unfold. This book is beneficial for those just beginning their spiritual journey with animals and those that have been on the path for many years.  Written straight from her heart this book offers you compassion, hope, and understanding of how our animals can reflect, bring awareness, and help heal a human’s deeper unconsciousness wounds. Tammy gently guides you and opens the door to a deeper understanding of the mystical bonds and agreements shared between humans and animals. She is a story teller, teacher and healer.

-Kathy Pike-

Author of Hope from the Heart of Horses, Horse as Teacher; and Discover with the Chakra

“Tammy Billups’ beautiful new book, Animal Soul Contracts, validates our inner knowing of the sacredness of our soul relationship with our pet companions. It supports us in widening the lens of our understanding of these beings’ significance in our lives and emphasizes the importance of consciously being in relationship as we reciprocally heal and transform our souls in this lifetime.” 

-Carley Mattimore-

Co-Author of Sacred Messengers of Shamanic Africa

“Tammy Billups once again delights her readers with the powerful visions of a true animal intuitive and master story teller.  Through personal study and insightful observation Billups offers a beautifully crafted and deeply emotional look into the sacred and eternal connections we have with the animal kingdom.” 

-Rev. Richard Burdick- 

Sr. Minister, Unity North Atlanta

“Animal Soul Contracts is a wonderful book that will both open your heart and expand your consciousness.  Full of important insights and wisdom, Tammy gives fascinating and inspiring examples of how animals and humans connect to aid each other in their healing and soul’s evolution. A must-read for “animal people” and “non-animal” people alike.” 

-Judith Corvin-Blackburn-

Author of Empowering the Spirit, and Activating Your 5-D Frequency

"How well do you understand your pet? Tammy Billups has spent two decades of dedicated research and study into the transformational soul journeys that profoundly demonstrates our sublime connection with the creatures that share our home. Animal Soul Contracts unravels the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and mental connection that we unconsciously form with our animal friends that reinforces our “mirroring” of each other’s predispositions. Ms. Billups, an exponent on animal-human sacred soul partnerships, gives a revolutionary insight and practice on tandem healing between pets and their owners. Simply defined, a soul contract is a predestined design wherein the higher self of a person or animal has agreed in advance to build a relationship. Our lives and that of our pet are fated to be together, and that there is no such thing as coincidence.

Whereas animal whisperers merely help animals with people problems, Ms. Billups helps both in a holistic approach. The seven types of soul contracts she outlines and explains may not be to the liking of hardcore scientific animal behaviorists. Her case studies of tandem healings offer a fusion of New Age and animal psychology, but then, everything is fair play and we exhaust all the means to better understand the creatures that share our homes. Animal Soul Contracts is a new take in inter-species communication that affirms that our pets are unmistakably our equals."

-Vincent Dublado-

Manhattan Book Review

“This beautifully written book helps us to recognize and say with a sigh…” ahhh of course”… animals and humans have a divine soul contract with one another just as all of life is surely interwoven into a sacred tapestry that some might call karma,fate or synchronicity. I absolutely know that my animal companions are not in my life by accident and that we have been drawn together in much the same way as my human soul mates. Thank you Tammy for reminding us that our greatest teachers sometimes have 4 legs, fur, feathers or fins.” 

-Linda Star Wolf-

PhD  Director/Founder of Venus Rising Association for Transformation & Venus Rising University,

Creator of Shamanic Breathwork®, S.H.I.P.®, & Shamanic Ministers’ Global Network


“Working in animal welfare, I am deeply touched by the experiences of the dogs and cats who come through our animal rescue organization and the living conditions of all animals. Tammy Billups reveals in her book, Animal Soul Contracts, how people and animals come together to evolve and heal. Tammy’s insights have taught me how to honor each animal’s uniquely individual journey and to reach for the higher perspective held within each of their experiences. This knowledge is proving to be invaluable in my work as well as understanding the relationships I have with my own personal animal companions.” 

-Gigi Graves-

Founder and Director of Our Pal’s Place

“I am so impressed with Tammy’s wisdom and ability to work with animals and their owners to heal from past and present wounds. Her intuitive insight clearly shows the soul connection that we have with our pets. I appreciated the true life stories she shared. Can’t wait to book a session for myself and my little fur baby.” 

-Carole O’Connell- 

Author of: The Power of Choice; Seven Secrets to Abundant Living; and The Adventures of CJ and Angel

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